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Become part of a network of Ottawa family businesses – join CAFE Ottawa today!

CAFE welcomes Ottawa family businesses as well as those in eastern Ontario. Our members come from all sizes of family businesses and from many different sectors including retail, professional services, consumer products and more. We encourage family business founders, children, spouses and extended family members to enjoy the many benefits of a CAFE Ottawa membership.

Some of the many ways that a membership in CAFE Ottawa will help you are:

  • Developing a family business succession plan consistent with family values and traditions
  • Family business governance: managing family business conflict, rivalry and communications
  • Successfully bringing new family members into the family business
  • Exchanging views and getting advice as part of a Personal Advisory Group (PAG)
  • Growing the business while maintaining family harmony

Save 50% on a Silver Membership for the 1st Year – Only $125

For a limited time you can become a Silver Member of CAFE Ottawa and save $125 on your first year!


Gold Silver Alumni Student Advisor
Benefits $500* $250 $125*
$125* $25* $850*
Ability to take part in a confidential Personal Advisory Group (PAG): A group of 8-12 fellow members from different non-competing family businesses. PAG members meet monthly to support each other by sharing experiences in a private and supportive environment.  img-checkmark
Join a CAFE Advisor Group (CAG): A group of 12-18 Advisor members where business matters are discussed in a confidential setting. img-checkmark
Free access to national member-only online resources, information and tools to help you and your family business succeed.   img-checkmark  img-checkmark  img-checkmark  img-checkmark  img-checkmark
Ongoing Educational Programming including workshops, seminars and webinars featuring the industry’s foremost family business experts and advisors.  img-checkmark  img-checkmark  img-checkmark img-checkmark
Opportunities to network, share and learn at CAFE events including the CAFE Symposium, a biennial national conference consisting of two jam-packed days of presentations and interactive workshops delivered by industry and family business experts.   img-checkmark img-checkmark  img-checkmark  img-checkmark  img-checkmark
Member-only pricing at all local and national CAFE events and resource materials. img-checkmark img-checkmark img-checkmark img-checkmark
Online promotion of your business through the national member-only website and img-checkmark img-checkmark img-checkmark img-checkmark img-checkmark
Find a trusted Family Business Advisors with experience working with family businesses.  img-checkmark img-checkmark img-checkmark img-checkmark
Learn and share experiences by participating in our online social media community.  img-checkmark  img-checkmark  img-checkmark  img-checkmark  img-checkmark
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* HST is additional to all prices shown