What is your Family Business Waiting For? Timing is Everything…CAG Panel Event.

June 22nd, 2015

Timing is Everything! Passing the baton without a fumble to create a win/win in your Family Business.

Fear, mistrust, stubbornness, identity.…what’s holding you back from a successful transition?

When is the appropriate time to pass the baton for your family business?

The accountability processes you need to be equipped with to avoid dropping the baton that are beyond the paper trail and the compliance with legislation

Join the CAFE Advisors Panel as they join forces to deliver this interactive presentation over a working lunch.

Welch has graciously offered to host this year and will moderate the panel. Imagine..all that knowledge..in one room…all for you..and all for FREE. No cost, however registration required. Please Register HERE.Print


*Please note this event is limited to CAFE Members only.