Kelly Santini LLP


Kelly Santini LLP is an Ottawa based law firm serving businesses and individuals in Eastern Ontario and beyond. We strive to help family business leaders achieve their  business goals, protect valued assets and plan for the future.   Our corporate work on behalf of our family businesses is enhanced by our complementary estate planning practice.

The commitment we make to our clients is rooted in the rules of friendship. 

You can always count on Kelly Santini to:

  • Tell you things and provide advice that you might not want to hear
  • Always make time for you
  • Do what we say we will
  • Be there to support you in the tough times
  • Be loyal and look out for you
  • Value and appreciate the relationship and never take it for granted

As professionals, we dedicate ourselves to delivering our services to our clients with these principles in mind. Staying true to them for over 30 years has allowed us to develop into a vibrant and successful firm. We are proud that many of our professional client relationships have evolved into friendships.  We hope you’ll enjoy spending time with us as well.